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The best Hulu downloader tells you how to save movie from Hulu.

Download Hulu video and enjoy more hit TV shows with this online video downloader, you can download RTMP(E)/FLV/MP4 video, audio, subtitles from any site.

Advanced downloader of streaming media, free and fast downloads from Hulu, YouTube, VKontakte, Vimeo, EpixHD, MTV, NBC, CBS, Crackle, Channel4/5, Vh1, various tubes, live streams, etc.

Support recording live streams and shows from,, adult, etc.

With an integrated free media converter uses binaries from FFmpeg and Mediainfo - convert downloaded Hulu videos to any format like mp3, mp4, wmv.

Download Hulu and convert the video format for watching on Wii, PSV/PSP/PS3, iPad (New iPad air/iPad 4, 2/iPad mini), iPod Touch, iPhone (6 Plus/5S/4S/3GS), Xbox One, Mobile, Sony phones, BlackBerry, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy.

Extract audio from downloaded Hulu videos OGG, AAC, FLAC, MP3, WMA, M4A.

Easy to use - just type or drag URL of web page containing required video and download will start in a few seconds.

Downloads resuming and video resolutions detection supported.

Download .srt format subtitles from Hulu, ZDF, Crackle, BBC, Abc, Bbc, Cbs, Channel4/5, Cwtv, ITV, Mog, Nbc, SvtPlay, TheDailyShow, Tv4Play in SubRip format, and reedit them in text.

How to download subtitles from Hulu?
In Hulu's player, press button with sign 'CC' or word 'Language' and selected subtitles, for other sites press button with letter 'S'. Then the files with extension .srt should appear in downloads window.

The software downloads subtitles and saves in SubRip format (.srt files). This format is supported by many players (VLC, Media Player Classic, GOM Player, BS.Player, KMPlayer, etc).

How to display correctly Japanese/Korean/Chinese SubRip subtitles (.srt files) in VLC?
In VLC go to Tools -> Preferences... (set Show Settings to All) and Video -> Subtitles/OSD, then change the Text Rendering Module from Default to Freetype2 font renderer. After that go to Video -> Subtitles/OSD -> Text renderer and choose Unicode font (like Arial Unicode MS). Remember to press Save to save VLC settings and restart VLC after that to make sure changes are enabled.

"Rec Mode" doesn't mean screen capturing.

In "D-L Mode" this Hulu download software downloads video files separately from what is playing in the web page area, in "Rec Mode" it records media stream that is currently playing in the web page area. Live streams must be recorded in "Rec Mode" and for most popular live streaming sites it switches to recording mode automatically.

How to download HD videos from Hulu?
Start downloading video in default resolution, wait until ad finishes and then select in player "Video Settings -> 480p/360p/288p -> update -> more info -> reconnect".

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